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Bus Seminar (15-05-2012)

A bit of training goes long way
In the bus spirits high With certificates Good job finished

Women's Self-defense Seminar (15-09-2012)

Women training kicking
Our attackers ready to test participants
Testing in progress

Kids and Parents Krav Maga Class (18-09-2012)

Kids KMHK T-shirts
Front choke defense
Parents and Kids Krav Maga Class

Anti-hostage Seminar in the Airplane (01-12-2012)

360 defense demo
Brian in the full swing
Knife control with Jonathan
Shut-up Knife down 2

G-Camp in Israel, April/May 2011

Dante, Kurt, Gail, Miki and Zorica Participants of G-camp Experts on the Shooting Range First lunch on arrival Dante, Dimitrios and Zorica

Practitioners' training

Mark B "killing" the bag 30-11-11 Grading P1s kicking P1s punching

KRAV MAGA centennial celebration and convention in RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL

About to attend night of Tributs of Centennial convetion Friends from KM Anglola Zoe participates in the Guinness book of world records- biggest KM class Interview for Brazilian TV KM Convention Exibition - South American KM Federation
KM convention in Rio KM practise on Copacabana beach on 29th May 10 KMHK reaches Jesus Redemptor Master Richard Doeb gives a hug Zoe participates in the Ginnis book of records- biggest KM class
Zoe with Joni and Ari from Finlad Zoe with KM Uruguay friend Zoe with master Kobe and Alex of KM Brazil in Rio

Courses and testing - 2010

Instructors-to-be line up 7 were at the beginning Admin and diplomas Blame the bag Canada vs. Taiwan
Canadian Director with HK KM Director CIC is over CIC participants support director Do not pull my hair P1 Testing in progress
Practitioners are ready for exam The 5 who survived Time to refuel Umberto showing of the bruises Zoe with Master Avi and Canadian Director Marcus

VIP Course In Israel

Adrian and Joe in Israel with VIP Protection Instructors Adrian is ready Adrian's awaiting shooting cue Joe is looking the part Joe with Uzi
Joe's filling after training Joe's turn Master Avi with Adrian Our boys werre training in here Adrian with pistol
Adrian with riffle kneeling Adrian's photo Joe with Master Gabi Joseph with a shooting instructor Joe in action

KM May Seminars in Impakt

Ready to kick Off they go Gabi shows the move Students turn Defence against knife attack
Who will prevail More action

Instructors Further Education Course in Fighting Fit

All ready Action Instructors' drills Photos: 1 Instructors' drills Photos: 2 Instructors' drills Photos: 3

International Kung fu Festival 26-7-2009

Mingling with the crowd 1 Mingling with the crowd 2 What is next Approving fellow kravists Zoe and Roush trying the move
Some laugh afterwards Demo group


Introductory class in Fighting fit Some of the guys Proudly presenting KM banner Team Hong Kong CIC 2 Graduates of KM CIC
With TVB Pearl Jameson Wong KM Class in Impakt with Roushana Dinner with Avi

CIC Part1

Don't hug me Sandra and Zoe Gabi instructs Taro and Adrian Gabi instructs Taro and Adrian Gabi instructs Taro and Adrian
Bob and Saso Rosh and Anthony Tad and Jo Andy and Alistair Ngaire and Limbu
Anthony and Roushana Mastering falls Punching hard Andy's bruises Alistair and Sandra fool about
Zoe, Alistair and Sandra joke Sandra's all bruised up Roushana What's next? Saso relaxing finally
Sandra, Saso and Zoe Zoe falls back Sandra and Zoe get tangled Tad More crunches
Cheeky Adrian and Taro Limbu's knees still holding on Palls Alistair and Bob After hard test Almost finished
Adrian, Gabi and Zoe CIC Part 1 ends Gabi is all smiles Visiting American Pecking Gabi mastering chopstics
Gabi and Bob Sandra and Taro

KM Seminars

Avi & Joseph demo Participants of
Self defence
against knife
Participants of
Self-defence in/out
Participants of
Self-defence and use
of common objects
Participants of
VIP protection
Avi demos pluck move Anthony in action Participants of
Self-defence in bars
Getting it right Mr Choi fights back
Some more corrections

Participants of
Self defence against
VIP Protection
2 participants
Thom , Avi, Zoe,
Joseph and Adrian
Ben, Zoe and Avi in
Azor, Israel
Zoe and Avi in his
dojo in Israel
Avi and Ben Zoe visits Avi
in Tel Aviv